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Bruno Frazatto wins another gold medal and Submits Everyone!

Sunday was a victorious day for Bruno Frazatto. The Atos Jiu-Jitsu featherweight got the finish in both his matches at yet another state of the São Paulo Jiu-Jitsu Federation circuit and added one more gold medal to his collection at home.

The athlete had the following exclusive chat with

Bruno beats Mário Reis at 2009 Worlds, in photo by Regis Chen.

What have you been up to, Bruno?

Since last year’s Worlds I’ve devoted my time to putting together a group here in Campinas, São Paulo, where I live – 40 minutes from Atos headquarters. The project has been growing, thank God, and it ended up keeping me out of the important competitions in early 2010, but thank God my work as a teacher has been coming along really well, and now I’m able to train in Rio Claro with greater frequency, which makes me all the happier, since I can train with the gang over there. I trained with Rafa and Gui mendes and the whole Atos gang over the last two weeks and I’m already feeling in good form!....